Gear & Shopping

Shopping and Gear

Essential gear is just as important as having fun on your trekking adventure. You need to be properly equipped to stand the changing weather while climbing in altitude. We have a great checklist for your planning. Gear does not have to be the most super expensive or the latest model. As long as you have what you need.
Read more about fees and permits here!

Wind/Rain proof jacket

  • It can be cold and windy after sunset so might be a good idea to have something that can keep you dry.
  • You can buy jacket and pants in Kathmandu Used and New.

Hiking Shoes

  • If your feet is not working you can not get anywhere and then you have a big problem, So buy your shoes before you come to Nepal and plan for some extra days to walk in your shoes if you plan on buying them here in Nepal.

Water bottle

  • Water is essential to have on a trekk. Make sure you’re always hydrated. Bottles of mineral water can be purchased at most hotels and guesthouses but in between there are only natural water sources.


  • Power bars. Extra energy between the meals is a good way to get to your goal.
  • Nutmix. Both can be purchased at outdoor shops and supermarkets

Cash for Food and Accommodations

  • Keep in mind that the you higher you climb the higher is the price. The food and equipment has to be carried by Sherpas up to the location so meals can vary from 300-500 for breakfast or lunch. Rooms vary from 400 Rupees to 2000 Rupees depending on your standard preferences.