Guide and Extra Muscle

When you’re out trekking in Nepal you need to know what your back can carry, If you haven’t been trekking or walking much before you get to Nepal it is good to have a porter that helps you carry your bag up. If you look at our checklist you will see what you need to bring.


  • If you want a guide you can go through an agency. It could be costly so it is worth checking different ones. A reasonable guide hired directly should cost no more than 2000-5000 Rupees/day.


  • Bringing a lot of stuff? If you are having a hard time figuring out what to take out of the bag and still have some overload you could hire a Sherpa/Porter. They will carry some or all of the bags for you. Price vary.

Don’t forget you need the right permits so take a look at our permits and fees page.