Permits & Fees

Fees and Permits

There are two major fees to have in mind while planning your trekking. The first one is the TIMScard which is mandatory for anyone entering any of the trails and national parks in Nepal. Without your TIMS you will be denied entrance.
The second one is the park entrance fee.
If you need help on planning you can check out our Checklist.

TIMS pass

  • TIMS Pass you can get in Kathmandu and/or Tourist information board depending on if you are planning on having a guide. The Tourism information office can help those without guide.

PARK entance fee

  • The park entrance is usually paid at the first checkpoint/entry point at the national park. If you are travelling in a group or with guide you usually give the fee money and TIMScard to your guide and they will sort out the rest. The officer at the checkpoint then staples a ticket on your TIMSpass which allows you to enter the national park.

Nepal Tourism Board

  • Your get your TIMS-card here